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How we can help you?

While we approach property management holistically, we have identified four critical areas upon which to focus our efforts: finances, owner communication, property condition and Board of Directors support.

Finances: Mastercare works to establish an appropriate budget and use that budget as a working tool throughout the year. We review expenditures on an ongoing basis and advise the association if any adjustments are necessary. We monitor trends for utilities and reoccurring expenses and seek strategies to minimize costs. We submit monthly financial summaries to the Board for their review.

Owner Communication: We offer each Association a dedicated website to facilitate the dispersal of general information as well as password protected information for your board members. We are a service driven company and take great pride in our responsiveness to owner requests and concerns. Mastercare offers online work requests, a dedicated maintenance line and an off-hours emergency and non emergency phone number. Our services include coordinating the repair of common areas and elements and we also serve as a point of reference for owner repairs within their own units.

Property Condition: We realize that each owner wants to live in a quality environment that retains it’s value so we’re routinely review the condition of the building and its surroundings. Repair and maintenance plans that include short term needs and long term goals for each property are developed. We believe in preventative maintenance to minimize an association’s exposure to large scale repair projects. If needed, we can work with the Board of Directors to implement action plans for buildings with significant deferred maintenance.

Board of Directors Support: Mastercare recognizes that residents on the Board of Directors have accepted a large responsibility that can take a fair amount of personal time. Mastercare assists the Board in their duties by facilitating projects, advising them of their roles and assisting them in meeting their obligations. Information prepared for the board is complete, accurate and succinct to minimize the time needed to review it.

Mastercare is committed to providing high quality customer service to the Association and each property owner. We understand that a condominium unit is a large investment for each owner and we work to protect that investment. It is our objective to help the owners maximize the benefits of ownership through appropriate care, maintenance and the long term development of their property.

Mastercare Reference Library: A list of books are available to be checked out of our office for your review. They cover many relevant topics relating to the world of Condominium Associations.

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